Southern Ohio Forge and Anvil (SOFA)

SOFA Classes

Periodically, we offer classes at our facility in Troy, Ohio on the Miami County Fairgrounds.

To register for a class or workshop, please attend one of the monthly meetings or go to the Contact Us link and submit your name, address, phone number, and the class or project you are interested in attending. Since space is very limited, please contact us as soon as you can. We accept students on a first come, first serve basis.

Please note: You must be a SOFA member to register for the classes and workshops.

The Beginning Blacksmithing classes are scheduled in the fall and winter months. The class meets once a week for ten weeks in the fall and again in the winter. In this class, the students will learn the basics such as building a fire, hammer control, techniques (upsetting, drawing out, punching, cutting), design, etc. The students will make some basic tools that will be used in blacksmithing projects throughout the remainder of the course. Due to limited space, we accept a maximum of six students. The fee for this class is $250.00 per person and it includes all materials the student will use throughout the term.

Currently Bob Cruikshank is facilitating these classes. Bob is looking to start a week-day day class if there is enough interest (6 students).

During the fall and winter, we offer weekend workshops. The projects range from beginning welding to building a power hammer. The fee for each workshop varies depending on the project. Our members suggest topics for the workshops for techniques or projects that they want to learn.