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Q U A D S T A T E   C O N F E R E N C E   2 0 0 8
September 26 - 28


This year, special recognition goes to Hans Peot. During the Friday night opening ceremony of Quadstate 2008, President Gary Ward, on behalf of the board of directors, officers, and membership of Southern Ohio Forge and Anvil, presented Hans with a Life-Time Membership.  This was to honor him for over 25 years of commitment and service to the club.  The following summary of Hans' many contributions was read prior to the presentation:

Hans Peot, Life-Time Member Designation

right: Hans Peot    (photo by Donna Coleman)

Hans Peot is a retired electrical engineer and former Assistant Program Director for the B-1 Bomber. It was in 1981 when he began blacksmithing. For over 20 years he has been a committed and dedicated volunteer of SOFA. He spent 6 years as President, 12 years as Secretary-Treasurer and another 5 years as a member of the Board of Directors.

During the early years of SOFA, the Studebaker Homestead was the location of most all of the monthly meetings.  It was Hans, along with the other Board members at the time, who had the foresight to realize that the club was not going to be able to meet forever at the Studebaker Homestead.  As a group they conceived a plan of action to facilitate the establishment of a building that belonged to the membership of SOFA.  Part of their plan was to come up with a way of raising the necessary funds for the establishment of a workshop or club house.  The main thrust of this fund raising event started with the first Quad State Round Up. After several successful years, they actively sought out a location that they thought would be a good match and could meet the needs of this organization at that time and into the future.  Miami County Fairgrounds became that place.  What a great match it turned out to be. This facility has been able to meet our needs as a club as well as accommodate the growth of what is today, probably the most consistently and heavily attended blacksmithing event in North America . Quad State still remains the main fund raising venue for SOFA.  Hans and the others were here throughout the negotiations with the fair board and construction of the building. He personally supplied tools, equipment, expertise and experience.  When called upon, he has always been ready to demonstrate some technique or project for the membership. He could discuss some theory or process from mathematical formulas to hardening and tempering of steel.  He has the ability and knowledge to discuss aspects of metallurgy or take us step by step through the making of a Damascus billet.  Through his “hands-on” work as well as his abilities as a leader and teacher, SOFA is a strong and healthy club with a bright and long future. He has been and continues to be a mentor and friend providing encouragement, inspiration, and knowledge to so many of us.  

As we honor Hans for all he has done for SOFA, his giving and involvement does not end there.  Hans has involved himself in the Blacksmithing community in broader and more far reaching ways as well.  For years he traveled throughout the country demonstrating his talents, ideas and techniques, talking at numerous clubs and shows, promoting blacksmithing and reaching out to hundreds of others.  He served 10 years on the Board of Directors of ABANA, 8 of which he figured prominently in its financial and budgetary process. He has written numerous articles for publication and has published his own layouts and blueprints for power hammers as well as treadle hammers.  Many of his plans have been put to use by others in their own shops throughout the United States .   

Hans is a past recipient of the club sponsored Emmert Studebaker Award.  This award is presented in remembrance of Emmert Studebaker who, as many of you know, was a founding member of SOFA as well as a founding member of what is now known as ABANA. At this time it is with great pleasure and gratitude that the Board of Directors, on behalf of the SOFA membership, present Hans Peot with a Life Time Member Designation.

This past year, Hans resigned his director position. He remains a contributing member and continues to serve as a mentor and friend to many.  Hans received a standing ovation at the conclusion of this presentation.





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